New demo server is online

Howdy all,

Jamie has just built us a beautiful new demo server run inside a Xen instance, with everything managed by VM2 (our new product about to be released publicly), and it’s nice and zoomy.

If you’ve been waiting on the demo to come back online so you can see Virtualmin before trying it on your own system, your wait is over. Visit this page for link and authentication details:

The demo system still goes down for refreshing each day, but it is significantly faster than the old Virtualmin demo (which ran under qemu on relatively old hardware).

When will this VM2 actually be released? I just browsed through old forum post, and you have been saying "a couple of days" since back in october/november…

I am trying to decide if I will go with a Virtualmin Pro or wait for the VM2 product which probably will be better for my purpose since I am going use Xen (4 Xen instances).

Will VM2 be released this month? Price info? Licence types?

Best regards,

Howdy H.K,

VM2 is coming very soon, but I should point out the VM2 does not replace Virtualmin–it is a wholly separate module for wholly separate purposes. The goal of VM2 is to make managing many systems (whether physical, or virtualized using several virtualization platforms) for hosting more effective. So, VM2 is probably a great product for your Xen systems–but if you need Virtualmin on them now, you’ll still need Virtualmin on them when VM2 is released. :wink:

Licensing prices are still being knocked around a bit…but our competitors in the field charge anywhere from $495 to $1995 for similar functionality, so we won’t charge significantly more or less than that, though we will likely offer a low end bundle for single-server users that provides the necessary Virtualmin licenses, plus the VM2 license, to make it cost effective to use it on a single system with many xen (or vserver or Zone) instances running Virtualmin Professional. Many of our customers are small hosts with one or two physical servers and many virtualized systems–so this will be target their needs. Sounds like that’s probably a good fit for you.

I’ll email you separately to see about getting you up and running with VM2 during the private beta.