New Authentic Theme category and removed Hacks category

Howdy all,

I’ve juggled categories a little bit.

There is now an Authentic Theme category, for questions and discussions about the default theme in all of our projects (Ilia will pay close attention to this one). We won’t beat you up if you aren’t sure if a question is theme related or related to Webmin/Virtualmin/Usermin/Cloudmin (sometimes it’s hard to tell where the line is, because Authentic has a lot of its own functionality built in), but if you have a problem that shows up in Authentic and doesn’t show up in one the older themes, it’s definitely worth bringing up in this topic (or in the Authentic github issue tracker if you use github).

The other change is I’ve merged the Hacks category into Developers. It wasn’t a very popular category, so it’s gone and all of its posts were merged into Developers (since it was intended for scripts and such, it’s a reasonable place for it, I guess). I felt like maybe we already had too many categories, as-is, so in order to add a new one, I wanted to kill one, and this was the one that nobody used.