New apps main pages not showing up instead I am getting the follow page (screen shot)

OS type and version Rocky 9
Virtualmin version 7.2 - wordpress - vtiger - x3crm


WP remove the index.html file that created what hosting is created.
I don’t know what the white screens are, I don’t know the apps.

I list all apps.
Vigter crm

What do I need to do to make wp work? Delete the index html?

yep, wp uses index.php, index.html was put there by VM

What should I do about the other apps that haven’t installed with a landing or login page?

I have reinstalled the tigercrm and still getting the 500 page not loading error. It is as if nothing is there or installed.
Please advise - vtiger

Read your web server error log this will give a better understanding of what is going wrong, if the sites use php there could be an issue with the version or execution mode that php is using