New App Request

CentOS 7.9.2009 REQUIRED
Webmin 2.001 REQUIRED
Virtualmin 7.2 pro REQUIRED
Doesn’t exist [[Zulip]] SUGGESTED

I would like to know what the procedure is to request install scripts to the project?

There is no app request.
Its all very well documented.

I don’t think you understand the question. I don’t want to know how to install apps. I want to see zulip in the list of apps available to install in the install script list.

not 100% sure, maybe add the @staff in message and they get notified.


Zulip is pretty unlikely to happen, at least in the short-term, as their installer requires root to run and seems to expect to do a lot of stuff we could never allow a domain owner account to do.

We plan to support more easily hosting Docker container-based apps in Virtualmin 8, which would probably make Zulip more feasible.

And, Docker is probably how I’d recommend you run it today on a Virtualmin system. Just setup proxying from your domain to the app in the container (they probably have documentation for setting up proxy rules for Apache or nginx in their docs, but it’s roughly the same for any docker-based app). Docker (well, podman, which is mostly docker compatible) is how we’re running this forum, for instance. Really complicated stuff like this often fits better in a container than as an app running out of a user’s home.

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Thank you for the recommendation. Do you have a reference to installing docker in virtualmin as I don’t see that on the install script list.?

You don’t install docker “in Virtualmin”. You install it on your OS, as documented by the Docker folks (or use podman, which is available in the OS repos of all of our supported distros, and I think is now a better implementation than Docker and is compatible with Docker in all the ways that matter). Virtualmin has nothing to do with Docker (or podman).

The only thing that’d involve Virtualmin would be proxying to the running container. I recommend you set up your containers to listen on UNIX file sockets (rather than localhost network ports), so you can make it owned by the domain owner. Virtualmin has port-protection to keep users from squatting on ports, but there are still security implications and the risk of race conditions. Best to keep it in files, if you can.

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