*never mind any longer*

never mind any longer

never mind any longer


How did you delete that user account? This better be done using Disable and Delete ⇾ Delete Virtual Server: Delete Server, as it seems that records in Apache config containing deleted domain’s SSL files weren’t cleared up.

never mind any longer

Yet, how did you delete that user account? :slight_smile:

never mind any longer

I had to delete a users account

This is not clear how exactly did you delete it. Did you delete a domain? What do you mean by account deletion? Does this imply domain deletion? We need to know exactly. You could say, using Virtualmin interface, by clicking here and there.

Ideally, we need to reproduce an issue to understand the cause.

Do you at least have saved corrupted Apace config which you could attach to us? What was failing exactly? Perhaps, Apache config was mis-edited beforehand, Apache not restarted at a time and deleting domain and restarting Apache later resulted in this error? Have deleting domain been successful, i.e. was it deleted from Apache config? Did the error that pop up was related to deleted domain or some other domain? Or maybe global Apache config?

We want to help but we need an exact description of the problem. There should be a clear image of what went wrong and what’s been done beforehand.

Not trying to. I wouldn’t even reply at the first place. Trying to help and solve the issue.

Look, you’re are welcome to call me what you wish. Although this doesn’t help to solve the problem and just happens to be distracting.

If you have an issue, please let us know more about the issue itself. What lead to it, what has been done and most importantly do not revert the server before savings corrupted config files, as without this very basic info we won’t be able to fix a complex issue.

never mind any longer

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