Network Traffic Sent - How to Read the Data?

Our ISP (ServePath-GoGrid) only has stats on our dedicated server indicating total bandwidth: in and out.

But I want to get “band with out” only…

In Virtual Min --> Server Statistics we have the option to check “Network Traffic Sent”

a) Uncheck all others
b) check only “Network Traffic Sent”
c) move back to May
d) Download raw data.

So I get 30 days of data looking like this

2014-05-03 13:25:09,1.04
2014-05-03 14:05:01,1.22
2014-05-03 14:45:04,1.27
2014-05-03 15:25:06,1.18
OK, so we sum the final column and get a number

Very basic questions:

a) Is this the same as what ISP’s will call “server’s outgoing bandwidth” for a month? I assume YES
b) What is the math to do on the big integer sum to convert that to GB?
Assuming the number in final column is KB… then we just divide by 1,048,576 to get GB.
Yes? But… wait… that doesn’t work… I only get a total of 1243 for 30 days… so I guess that is MB?
But this still doesn’t make sense… that just over one GB… and the ISP network stats for our box are saying our total traffic for a month is running in the vicinity of 1900 GB (in an out) for 30 days

I just want to be really sure about these numbers before using them in a business plan that’s going to lead to major decisions-- future IT products/costs.