Netatalk modules revived

This is a follow-up to my post in the Developers channel:

After many years of neglect, I recently made an effort to get the netatalk webmin modules up to date, working with the latest webmin APIs and netatalk configuration formats. If you’re not familiar, netatalk is an open source implementation of Apple’s AFP file sharing protocol.

The last netatalk2 webmin module was released in 2011 (0.9.1), and the last netatalk3 one in 2013 (0.1).

Now I present v1.0 for netatalk2, and v0.2 for netatalk3:

If you run netatalk2 for that sweet AppleTalk networking (really old Macs or Apple IIs) use the former, and if you run netatalk3 for the full featured OSX support (Spotlight, Samba interoperability, etc.) use the latter.

Please head over to the github project if you find any bugs or have any feature requests!


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