Need to update MySQL version to latest

OS type and version CentOS Linux 8
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1
Related packages SUGGESTED

Why? Why not use the supported version provided by your OS (in the case of a Virtualmin system you’ll have MariaDB 10.3).

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dear, it not about why. its about that what my website required
i am using Tutor Learning LMS on wordpress and many functions not working.
them support team informed me to ask you to Update MySQL version Higher than 5.5.5-10.3.28-MariaDB which i have

Perhaps, what you’re missing on are PHP extensions?

How did you install WordPress? Did you install it using Virtualmin Install Scripts page?

Also, what errors do you have printed to web-server error log when trying to access your WordPress instance under Logs and Reports menu?

You should choose your OS as per what your website requires then. Had you done so, the version of the database server you want would have automatically got installed and configured by Virtualmin’s install script.

It’s on you, @moodi2727 . Virtualmin works with many OS and supports different versions of the same OS. It falls upon you to understand which OS offers which version of SQL and then install the OS appropriate for your requirements before you install Virtualmin.

I see you are on C8. That’s the OS you chose to install Virtualmin on. Naturally it follows that Virtualmin will install and configure the version of database that is provided by the OS you chose.

Note that in Virtualmin 6, some OSs would use MySQL and some MariaDb. From Virtualmin 7, only MariaDb is offered but I am still mostly on Virtualmin 6 so you will have to verify this.

Virtualmin supports most Mariadb and MySQL versions. But, I strongly recommend that anyone that needs to ask for help doing so should find a way to not change from the version provided by the OS.

CentOS 8 is pretty recent, and has a pretty recent Mariadb version. I would be absolutely shocked if the app OP is trying to run actually needs a newer version or won’t run with Mariadb and only MySQL. Stunned, really. It’d be foolish for a developer to support the database that has been declining in popularity for ten years over the one that is ascendant (because more distros use mariadb, by default, or simply do not provide mysql at all).

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To expand further on this:

  1. Please make sure you’re not doing all of this for no reason. Show us the errors. As Ilia said, you may be missing PHP modules, and it may have nothing to do with the database.
  2. If you must switch, it is no different on a Virtualmin system than any other. We strongly recommend you use packages intended for your distribution from a reliable provider and from a maintained repo (e.g. Remi or SCL or the MySQL Community Edition upstream packages), rather than building from source.
  3. Once you switch, you will almost certainly need to make some configuration changes in Webmin to make it aware of where your new database resides and where its configuration lives. I can’t tell you how to do that because I never use third party database packages (and, I spend all of my time related to the problem trying to talk people out of doing so, mostly successfully).
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