Need to talk with Someone

I have been a user of Webmin for years to admin out Ubuntu servers. We are now converting our servers from a MAC platform using Tenon to Ubuntu with Virtualmin. I am having some problems learning how to use virtualmin in a corporate environment. I am still trying to decide on using just webmin, virtualmin GPL or virtualmin Pro.

Basically the only features I need are:

Admin Web Sites and Sub-domains
Admin FTP Accounts for each domain]sub-domain
Allow web stats for each domain and sub domain
Admin MySQL

Do not need:

For instance Issue:
I created a user account with one top level domain and it created a mySQL database. I then wanted to test various CMS installs and I could not figure out how to create additional Databases.

I would really like to talk with someone who could help with my decision.


Feel free to ask any questions you have.

I would suggest Virtualmin though, it’s simpler to use and designed for hosting.

It’s no problem to disable the email and DNS features if you don’t need them.

Regarding how to create additional databases, you can go into Edit Databases, and there you can click “Create a new database”.

If you’re having problems with that though, let us know what happens when you try to create a new database.