Need to re-install/configuring Certbot / Let's Encrypt for Multi-Site Wordpress Install on Ubuntu

I have a Wordpress multi-site install that I have always had strange issues with, in terms of using Let’s Encrypt to generate certs. I get warnings, timeouts, errors, but I’ve always been able to to renew eventually.

Now things feel horked up to to the point that I just want to hire somebody to do the following:

  1. Delete all current certs.
  2. Re-install cert-bot
  3. Properly configure DNS zone file
  4. Re-request certs via Virtualmin in the Let’s Encrypt tab
  5. Ensure that renewal works

I feel like I’ve gotten close to solving it, but would rather somebody with more experience do this.

Based on my own experience/research, it should not take more than an hour or so and I’m happy to pay $80, even if it takes 5 minutes.

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