Need to move email from website server

Ubuntu Linux 16.04.7 REQUIRED
Webmin 1.984 REQUIRED
Virtualmin version 6.17-3 REQUIRED

I am having to switch domain names on two servers.
One domain A is a website with email
the other domain B is a forwarding webserver with no email

I have deleted and recreated domain B to now host the website with no email
I now need to change domain A from a webserver with email to a web forwarding only with own email server.

I haven’t found a way to switch the server type yet. The domain name will be the same, only the purpose will be different. I cannot just delete and recreate the server, as it has email on it. I cannot just move the email, because I cannot create the new instance without deleting the old one.

If there is not a way to redo the server type without deleting the server, then I need a way to backup the email, delete the server, create the new server type and restore the email onto it.

What is the best way to do this?


By default all mail is stored under virtual server’s home, in Maildir directory. Having this folder moved/copied equals to migrating all mail. However, owner permissions may need an adjustment after migration.

THANK YOU! I thought/hoped it was something that simple, but what you don’t know for sure is what bites you!.

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