Need to backup all the users and configs for a 17TB (terabyte) website but exclude public_html

I need to backup all pertinent details, users and passwords for a 17TB website so it can be installed on another webmin/virtualmin server and I will use rsync to copy the actual website. I cannot figure out how to use the VIRTUALMIN BACKUP VIRTUAL SERVER function to achieve the backup. I’ve tried assorted ways to do so.

Essentially I want to backup everything except public_html and migrate to another webmin server and need to package the account details up to do so smoothly.

Advice please.


Take a peek at this thread here, this goes into how to exclude folders from the Virtualmin backups:

Thanks. I did use that exact post to exclude folders and file types and it is still processing 15 hours later and the tar.gz is at 400GB and growing. Is there any other way?