Need Someone to configure Virtualmin or Webmin for you so you may focuss on other tasks?

Howdy, folks.
One of the services I’m offering on my products and services page, might be what you’re looking for.
And no, this isn’t for free of course.
But the price at least in my opinion isn’t too bad either.
It’s a monthly subscription based service.
For more details, please check out:
If you have any questions about those services, you’ll find the specific information needed for contact details.

You have a donation button on your sales page…
The Drupal and WHMCS logo’s are still in place.
If you gonna ask $18 a month for a subscription, you may want to professionalize the site first

Consider the sales page fixed.
However, I can do absolutely nothing in terms of removing the WHMCS logo, as I did not purchase a license I could brand.
Nor, can I do anything involving logos throughout the entire website as such, owing to my lack of vision that I feel I must disclose in this case.
Nor can I hire somebody to do the work required to create a highly designed, professionally visually pleasing to the eye logo, either.
I will not permit anybody to try to do such a thing for free in any case, and at this point money is an issue at this point.
I can’t say how long something like that would take, either in terms of a graphic designer being found, hired on, and then paid nicely for services rendered either.
The only positive thing to end this comment is to say that as of now, the donation’s section has been erased at this point, from the products and services page entirely. :slight_smile:
Otherwise, however, as mentioned above, logos present an extremely serious problem that must be overcome with plenty of money as that’s how I would want the process done in any case if it was to be performed at all.

In terms of professionalism, that too, will require plenty of money up front depending on the level of professionalism you folks suggest.
If it’s simply logos, then that’s one cost.
But if it requires more, then I’d wish to pay a pretty high price to somebody for services rendered, as I do believe that the saying of you get what you pay for is true.

You can change the logo of drupal and whmcs with no problem at all. For WHMCS counts that you need to leave the backlink only.

If you can describe how your logo should look like, I can help you and try to create it for you.
Then you only need to replace the image for both scripts.

“you get what you pay for is true” That is not always the case…sometimes people are just willing to help out a fellow, that is also part of being in a community

just fyi

The requested page “/contact.php” could not be found.

Thanks for the notification!
Consider the link repaired at this point.
If you folks cannot still access the contact form, please don’t hesitate to drop me a feedback here.
If any other section of the site isn’t accessible and you took a link to get to a specific section, do let me know, though most of the links should be functional.

We are looking for a good person to work remotely on the Proxmox and Virtualmin Servers + extra will be Bluequartz and Blueonyx

Alex Bajan
Arlington VA 22207