Need some help with creating newsletter


I’m trying to create a simple newsletter where recipients receive news once a month, been poking around services->mailing list but still I have a lot of things I don’t understand…

I have created mailing list, added 2 test recipients so far.
2 test e-mails came. but I didn’t send them.
I wanted to know where can I create the message I’m going to send. And how can I send that message.

Any help greatly appreciated !


First off, I personally prefer phpList to Mailman for news blasts such as what you’re doing.

It takes less resources, is easier to configure, is easier to manage, and works well on shared hosting servers :slight_smile:

However, the way Mailman works – whenever you create a Mailing List, an email address is associated with that list.

The idea then, is that to send something to the list, you compose a message in your email client, then send the email to the address you setup whenever creating the Mailing List.


Hi, :slight_smile:

For example if I have associated email: with the mailing list and when I send e-mail to it resends this mail to all recipients in that mailing list ?

Yup, that’s exactly it!


Thanks , the system is perfectly clear now ! :slight_smile: I’m not sure though where can I find email associated with that mail list. I do suppose you know that :stuck_out_tongue:

edit : found it :slight_smile:

have one more question though. Is it hard to create a form in a webpage so that new useres are added automatically ?

Email associated with the mailing list? Such as past emails that have been sent? That’s part of the mailing list archives.

I don’t have mailman enabled on any of the systems I have here now, so I’m not 100% sure…

My first guess of how to access that is that there’s probably a link to said “archives” within Services -> Mailing Lists.

If not, you may also take a look in Webmin -> Servers -> Virtualmin Mailman Mailing Lists.


sorry for double post …

I found what I needed :). At the moment associated e-mail address is Is it possible to change it to ?

And my other question: Is it hard to create a form in a webpage so that new useres are added automatically ?

Is it possible to change it to

I’m not sure, but if it were, it’d be in one of the two links I mentioned above – either Services -> Mailing List or Webmin -> Servers -> Virtualmin Mailman Mailing Lists.

Is it hard to create a form in a webpage so that new useres are added automatically

That all depends on what you consider to be “hard” :slight_smile:

Actually, Virtualmin provides some links for you in that regard – as Mailman has a web interface for administration.

You should be able to see what mailing lists are available for a given domain by going here:

And then from there, you can access the interface that allows you to sign up.


Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

Actaully I was thinking something like this - in a webpage there is a textbox where person writes in his e-mail address and presses register for newsletter - he’s e-mail is then added to mailing list.

As goes for “hard” I know my way around coding, just haven’t had to deal with newsletters and servers before :smiley:

If you prefer not to use use the web interface provided with Mailman, you could probably build your own custom interface using the Mailman command line tools.

On Debian/Ubuntu, those are in /usr/lib/mailman/bin – there are commands like add_members, new_list, list_members, and so forth.