Need some guidance please


I am interested in purchasing a license for Virtualmin Pro.

Need some guide in the following:

Compatibility: Debian 5.0, Intel Xeon quad core 64-bit

System Resources: Dedicated RAM

Download: How do i download the software after i purchased the license?
Basically, what do i do after buying the license?

License: Virtualmin 50 Annual License, how many VMs per domain?

I would appreciate a quick response as this server is going live this week.




You’d get instructions on how to download it after your purchase – however, as a spoiler, you can simply go here:

Once there, you’ll be able to download the installation script… and using that, you can perform the installation on your new server.

As far as your licensing question goes – a “Virtualmin 50” license means you can run 50 Virtual Servers (ie, 50 domains) on your server installation.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions,