Need Options FollowSymlinks to work

OS type and version: CENTOS8
Virtualmin version: LATEST - INSTALLED TODAY
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

i am the only one on the server. i have a php app that needs Options FollowSymlinks in order to work.
i dont want to argue the security risk this poses. i just need to use Options FollowSymlinks. my understanding is that, virtualmin disables Options FollowSymlinks by default?
where can i go to enable Options FollowSymlinks?

i have followed some threads on here and changed allow_symlinks=1 in the config file. i then restarted https.service, but the i’m still unable to use Options FollowSymlinks. it gives the same error.

i have also followed another user’s suggestion to add FollowSymlinks at the end of some conf files, but still does not work.

i’ll greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me how to definitively make Options FollowSymlinks work with my virtualmin install (latest version as of time of posting this).

thanks everyone!

Virtualmin isn’t preventing you from using any Apache options you want to use, but yes, we don’t enable FollowSymlinks, by default, as it is a security concern in a shared hosting environment (I also don’t have any desire to argue about it, it is what it is).

I recommend you use SymLinksIfOwnerMatch, instead. If that doesn’t work for you, you have some other problem.

I just want to be clear Virtualmin isn’t doing anything to you here; you have a stock Apache. In CentOS 8 we don’t even rebuild it for SuExec support (meaning you can only execute apps via app servers like php-fpm on that OS). Any configuration you do in Apache works exactly the same in a Virtualmin system as it does in a non-Virtualmin system.

Anyway, you’ll need to give us an actual error if you want us to troubleshoot the problem in any useful way.

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