Need help with Virtualmin Pro config / Bind

Here is what I am trying to accomplish in a nutshell:

We have a 1/3 cab at a datacenter with 32 public IPs. I have 1 server (more on the way) setup currently with:
-CentOS 4.4 X64
-Current PHP 5.2 from virtualmin repos
-mysql 5.032
-Apache 2 (from vm repo)
-Most Current Virtualmin Pro as of Yesterday.

My ips used are:
x.x.x.67 For
x.x.x.68 For all virtual domains

After a heck of a time with the install script I managed to get it up and going. It kept locking up on the up2date portion of the script (I ran yum update after system install), so I manually added the repo, ran yum install on all the files that up2date was trying to run, reran install script and all was well.

My company is making the move from paying a company for our clients hosting to being the hosting company in addition. So was hosted at a different webhost until now.

I have another domain registered that I will call for distinction between

I have created and pointing to x.x.x.67 with my registrar, and I can ping them both, so they are set up ok I believe. I then changed to use and with the registrar. OK, I can access and from the public net now and a ping returns x.x.x.67.

I have also told to use and via my registrar. I can also access and from public net. Thats working good and when I ping those 2 addresses they return x.x.x.68. So far so good.

Now the problem.
I can log via usermin using my account I created (not root) during OS installation. I can send mail from that account to my yahoo account and it is from Perfect. Now, when I send mail from my yahoo account to it never gets delivered.

I noticed in webmin/server/bind that there is nothing set up for Here is a list of all the entries:


"0" 1 Record NS Default localhost

"0000::0/124" 2 Records (IP6 stuff)

"127.0.0"-2 Records: NS Default localhost. PTR Default localhost.

"255"-1 Record NS Default localhost

"localdomain"-2 Records:
localdomain. NS Default localhost
localhost.localdomain. A Default

"localhost"-3 Records
localhost. NS Default @
localhost. A Default
localhost. AAAA Default ::1

""-8 Records NS Default A Default x.x.x.68 A Default x.x.x.68 A Default x.x.x.68 A Default x.x.x.68 A Default x.x.x.68 MX Default 5 SPF Default v=spf1 a mx ip4:x.x.x.x.68 ?all

Thats it (whew!).
I dont know what I need to to to make everything else work on my like it does on
All that works is web going to and but I dont even see that listed in the bind settings.

So, Im stuck here. Advise would be appreciated.

Sending email could be as simple as postfix or sendmail not running or no installed. Or the sending IP is not allowed to relay email.

As for the rest of your bind questions I can’t help without the real IP’s and nameserver hostnames.