Need help with setting up ssl and lets Encrypt

OS type and version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED

i am trying to stup ssl and or lets Encrypt and im using the LEMP nginx server side of things can any one help with setting it up and i am trying to set uo a mail server so i have everying all on one sever plus im trying to setup wordpress and also a streaming video and chat server all in one server any help with this will grateful

I am assuming you have Virtualmin installed using the sudo /bin/sh --bundle LEMP and have completed the post install wizard, and can access your Virtualmin account and you have added a VS domain. If done correctly you will have also acquired a cert from LE as part of the process (it does assume that the chosen is obtainable from the web. (it can take 48hrs for nameservers to propagate) actually as simple as that! If not done correctly you can check in Server Configuration -> SSL Certificate and any logged messages.

wordpress I cannot help with as I think it is a pile of :poop:

setting up email is also pretty straight forward Edit Users -> add user with this server

video streaming and chat are applications that need additional effort. I do have a couple of users who have chat applications installed on their websites and might have one streaming videos but they are not my concern - they are NodeJS applications and are provided and maintained by my users. There are a whole bunch of examples on the net using nodejs, go, python and just about any other code base you fancy. and probably beyond topics of this forum.

i have brought my domain from namecheap and in also using there premium dns server to

Do you get an error message while you’re trying to request your SSL certificate?

i lost connection to the server then i have to reinstall ubuntu server 20.04 as a new install

Try to install a later OS, saves alot of work later on.

ok i will try that thank you

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