need help with fully qualified domain name

hi all

need help to resolve (FQDN ;Fully qualified domain name)

1 installing centos 6.4 as the os
2 installing virtualmin ;webmin hosting controlpanal

when installing centos, we get to a stage where it creates a name automaticly ie; localhost.localdomain (also changable)

Now i understand that the domain name localhost.localdomain give by the server represents the server on
on LAN ;local Area Network eg; given port. Also given portforwarding can represent your given server (or more)
publicly, to your given ip address eg;

now that we portforwareded our given ip public address, we choose to pay and register a domain name at any of our online registerants.
eg; namecheap online name registers, to point to our ip address. Now that we have a name to represent our online site or server eg; we are ready
to intall virtualmin, webmin, or any other controlpanel. the first question that virtualmin would ask is FQDM… that is the question
that needs to be addressed, is that my pysical servers localhost.localdomain domain name OR registered name i paid for say

also DO we use the nameservers ns1, ns2 we are paying for ( OR our own dns servers that we are using.
I am aspecialy confused about using ns1 and ns2 from our paid regiser nameservers for setting up mail, ie mail man
as i have configured my registered nameserver, and i get errors with mailman, squiral mail etc, i can send but cant recieve, something is wrong.

Another question is Primary Resolver and secondary resover, if you are running a network switch your gateway would be or
being the primary resover and your LAN switch leading to where your server (etho) u are using would be say, would that be the
secondary resover

would it be correct if i assume FQDN would be the physical server eg: localhost.localdomain and not my paid name,

anyway need help on this. cheers


You have a lot of questions in there – I want to try and answer some, I’ll try and answer more later :slight_smile:

Normally, you’d want to set your server’s hostname to an FQDN, host.domain.tld.

You wouldn’t normally use localhost.localdomain at the server’s hostname.

Things do get trickier when dealing with a server running behind a NAT router… but when possible you’d still want to use host.domain.tld as your hostname.

As far as what nameservers to use – that’s entirely up to you. It comes down to whether you’d rather have your nameservers hosted elsewhere, or whether you wish to host them yourself.

If you host them elsewhere, you have to handle creating all the DNS records manually.


i have renamed localhost.localdomain, to a A grade tld, localhost.mydomain.tld,

im definantly want to host everything at home, on my own equipment (just spent on a heap of IT etc… ebay…lol)

anyway still having issues with nameservers, all i did was register a domain name for my site which i pointed to my public ip, and used there ns1 ns2 configurations… Im not on the ball just yet. can i use my own dns given to me by my internet providers?


Regarding nameservers – you can use either a third party (such as your Internet provider), or you can setup your own server as act as a nameserver.

If you use a third party, that just means that you need to go there and add all the DNS records you wish to use.