Need help with basic format of website?

Hello new user to VirtualMin here.

I have a ubuntu VPS that I am working on setting up 2 different domain/websites on. Both are intended to be eCommerce websites. Let’s call them, and

First (possible) issue is when I install virtualmin from the auto install script, it asks for a host name, I’m not sure what to put in this because my host is an IP, and that doesn’t seem to work. So I have been using a temporary domain that is unrelated just to get virtualmin to install.

Second issue is once I am setup, when I try to make separate virtual servers for and, there seems to be no way to access them? The URL links on virtualmin are broken and say error 403 forbidden.

Also, I linked the actual domain name “” to my IP address, and it works fine when first installing virtualmin. But once I make a virtual server for, the domain stops working? I can still access the site through the IP, but the domain simply stops working and I’m not sure why.

Basically I need to get both sites working independent and linked to the domains, so I can install separate eCommerce solutions on each one, and access to them through the domains and in my browser.

And I want the actual Virtualmin to only be accessed through the IP, and not a domain name, if possible. Not sure how to do that since the installer is asking me for a host name…

Any ideas on why this is being so problematic? Been trying to figure it out all day…


The hostname that the installer asks for would probably be that which you ultimately wish to use, i.e. “” and “”. It’s a good idea to register an “administrative domain”, like “”, and give your server a hostname “” under it. Use that domain for admin purposes like accessing Virtualmin or hosting DNS zones as “”.

The 403 forbidden error probably means that you’re trying to access an empty public_html directory.

Make sure not to put the hostname you use for your server under Virtualmin control, that usually leads to problems.

You COULD make Virtualmin only accessible through the IP address, but you should have a good reason for that, since it makes things more complicated. :wink:

Okay so if I made, would I set that as the virtualmin host name?

Also, why is my domain breaking once make virtual servers with Virtualmin? For example, if my domain is, I can access it fine, adn then accessing works for administration.

Then I can try accessing through my domain - for example siteA. works, and works for administration.

Once I add a subdomain in virtualmin… I can still access through But stops working, and stops working?

Shouldn’t it still at least be linked to admin page since my domain is pointing to I have no idea why stops working?

Also, since you mentioned 403 probably means trying to access an empty directory… but I’m wondering, lets say my domain is again, and I create a virtual named “myvirtual”… what is the URL I would use to access myvirtual?