Need help to fix "permission to access 403" in the Apache2 to fresh and clean install Virtualmin

I need help to configure correct installation error for permissions in virtualmin on fresh and clean installation by default of virtualmin.
There are already 5 installations and all have the same failure regardless of the system, type of hardware and / or compatibility of both, the default installation has a failure in the accessibility to make the use of it and this leads to a wall of containment to perform actions of simple installations from files not “index. *”.
Of course I will be grateful to help me to configure the template .conf apache from webmin to solve or if I have to install some plugin or gpl module that corrects the failure.


That may just mean that a website needs to be uploaded… if you add an index.html or index.php file into the public_html folder, do you see the contents of that file instead of the forbidden error?