Need Help in Creating a Subdomain that points to an external IP


First of all, sorry if I really sound dumb.

I have a website, hosted on a VPS server (Linode), but I need a sub-domain ( to point to an external ip ( The problem is after setting up a sub-server that is pointed to (external ip) whenever I'm navigating to it displays server DNS address could not be found.

Here's what I did:

  1. on the DNS manager of the Linode, I created an A Record:
    • Hostname: news
    • IP Address:
  2. In Virtualmin, I created a sub-server under with the following configurations:
    • Domain name:
    • Enabled Features: Enabled the "Setup website for the domain?"
    • Network interface: Share on IP (ip address of my server)
    • External IP Address:
  3. Navigated to ->  This site can’t be reached's server DNS address could not be found.
  4. Navigated to and the website is working perfectly fine
  5. Checked the just to be sure by entering on my web browser and the content is properly displaying.

I also didn't change anything from the server configuration template.

I also waited 30 mins before checking just to be sure that the changes in the master zone is properly applied.

Did I miss something? Is it really possible for Virtualmin to handle this setup and if not, any other way to do it without redoing all over again?

Thanks in advance!

You might need to wait more than 30 mins. DNS propagation can sometimes take 24-48 hours. I use redirect to get any domain to “forward” to another by using this index.html code:


(DOMAIN in the above sample can be in the form of or 111.222.333.444)

I would double-check your DNS provider… DNS configuration to allow all subdomains automatically should include a “*” in the DNS record.

Hi, you can do apache proxy or create subdomian and point to dif. IP at register level or setup very simple redirect via htaccess - those are easiest.