need help configuring postfix

I recently setup a new server for my company, centos 5.4 on rackspace cloud, and installed virtualmin to deal with all the sites we host, since being setup I have been having some problems getting mail to send properly and after days of googling still have the same issue and a very messy file.

If you are a postfix/virtualmin/linux expert please get in touch with your rates, level of expertise and if possible some testimonials or proof of previous work.


I am sure I can help you out here, I have great feedback from my clients and been working with linux for 12 years.

My rates are stated at

My feedback is listed in that same thread and you can see them at and a list of clients I work with is at

I look forward to helping you.

thanks for the reply, what is your availability like at the moment?

Pretty much open. Just let me know what timezone you are in.

Also its probably better to email me – sgrayban @