Need Consulting on Moving from cPanel to Virtualmin

Does any offer consulting services for migrating cPanel/WHM to Virtualmin. Including server hardening and CSF install. THis would also including setting up nameservers.

I do.

Let me know if interested.

I do too but only for migration of cPanel / WHM to Virtualmin. Not server hardening - there is not much to be done as Virtualmin takes care of everything out of the box and with fail2 ban and email quotas configured post install, the server is ready for the show - and not CSF.

I can help with server hardening, I do not work with CSF but just iptables, fail2ban and some other modifications…let me know if you are interested.

It’s automatic.

Do a full backup of your CPanel site.

Go to Virtualmin / + Add Servers / Migrate Virtual Server.

In that dialogue window, select the backup file, then where it says Backup File Type, select C Panel.

Click the Migrate Now button at the bottom.


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