need advice on admin/database passwords

I’ve got a wordpress install where the databases use the vitrtualmin login password. As a security measure I’d like to change the virtualmin login pasword without changing the password access needed by wordpress - I don’t want wp to stop working. What’s the best way to do this?


Hi, you can do this by following those steps:

  1. log as root to your phpmyadmin
  2. create new user with new password inside phpmyadmin
  3. click on database and grant all privileges to that user for that database - you may log out from root in phpmyadmin and log as that user to check if you can see database as that new user
  4. edit your wp-config and change user details with database details like password and user name
  5. check your wp site that is working by visiting your blog install
  6. log into webmin/virtualmin - go to your domain where wp is installed and disassociate the database with current domain user
  7. check your wp site again (it should be still up and running just fine) - you are done.