need a webhost

I need a 10/month webhost that runs virtualmin. i figured i would post here since this is where the virtualmin users congregate. Please let me know what packages you offer for my stated price…:slight_smile:

I think it depends on what you’re looking for. Also, I’m not sure -where- the best place is for this kind of question…

Note to Joe: Maybe a subforum somewhere for customers seeking hosts using VM would be useful?

I personally have 2 plans that fall under $10/mo, but I won’t mention them here at this point, since I’m not sure if it’s even appropriate or not. =D

Too bad there isn’t a PM feature on this forum, that would make things better.

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Howdy guys,

Sure, post your hosting plans. We want people to make money with Virtualmin, and we want people to be able to find hosting providers who offer Virtualmin. :wink:

I’ll add a new forum just for hosting offers and requests, but feel free to followup on this thread with your hosting plans and the kinds of service you offer. (Please do be sure to note whether offers include Virtualmin Professional or GPL, though, as there are some pretty big differences for commercial users.)

A forum just for you guys (OK, several people have asked for it, but this thread reminded me that I’ve been meaning to add one for over a year):