Namesservers During Install

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During startup for my system, the question is asked

For DNS zones created by Virtualmin to be resolvable, the primary nameserver record for each zone must be set to something that can itself be resolved by other systems on the Internet.
and then a blank is given for the Primary nameserver. At that point there is a problem.

My server has a placeholder name, and since I do not yet have a domain to assign it, I used the format in documentation of to get into the post install part. (Nothing was asked during the initial install.)

Without the domain, there is no nameserver(s) yet. What happens if none is specified?

Could this be handled another way?

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Odd that the field is empty - if you SSH into the system and run the hostname command, what does it output?

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Yes, you need a FQDN in place.

This is a facinating area that the guys ’ owners ) here will shy from.

When I setup a new server, after the initial OS install I edit the files /etc/hostname and hosts and save, I always reboot the server after that but you do not need to apparently, but thay all talk as the scribes these days and no one with authority with answers.

To begin with you need to set up the deicated server before you begin to play with major domain configuration.

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