nameservers and virtualmin dns

I have two name servers running as a VM in Cloudmin. What do I need to include in the zone named configuration files so that it sees the DNS information from Virtualmin? Right now I am duplicating everything on the name servers. I am sure there is a way to point to Virtualmin VM for it to see the DNS settings.

Any help would be appreciated.


Your 2 name server VM’s (with just webmin) should be setup as slaves. The vm actually with virtualmin installed is the dns host and will update slaves automatically once setup.

Docs -

I will give that a try. That makes sense. Thanks.

Thanks again for the help. I was able to setup both nameservers as slaves and Virtualmin server as the master. However, I do have one last question…

How would this be configured if I add an additional Virtualmin server? I assume that the domains on both servers need to be updated together. Would I just setup each Virtualmin server as masters? Or, would that overwrite the other?