Nameserver not found

I have a VPS and cretated a virtual server for my domain. I change DNS server where I bought my domain to :
ns2.vps795888 XX.XX.XXX.XX
ns1.vps795888 XX.XX.XXX.XX

Like this my domain will use my DNS records from my VPS

I also cretated a A record in my VPS to point my nameservers to IP adress
ns2.vps795888 .ovh. net A XX.XX.XXX.XX
ns1.vps795888 .ovh. net A XX.XX.XXX.XX

But nothing seems to work, no you have any idea of what am I doing wrong ?
Thanks a lot

domain name :

I use this tool to get my nameserver working correctly.

doing a report on your domain your missing alot of records.
Like MX record and A records for www mail etc.
You should be using your domain name not the VPS name.
I’ll paste one of my domain DNS settings as a example


Just a follow up, is your vps up all time as I can’t ping that name.

Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again.


Thanks a lot for your help, it works

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