Nameserver / bind problems

I can’t seem to get it working >.>

Ive add my Master and ‘Additional’ DNS into the Virtual server template details (BIND DNS domain)
and all is well

ive also added them to Host addresses

nothing seem to be working, everything was working fine before I wiped my server and started over again

intodns is giving some errors but i have no idea what they mean as am under the noob level on dns

also an odd thing is I can see this site of mine (showing 403 which is correct at this time)

but both sites are using the same ns1 and ns2 nameservers
and the errors are even there for for this site :confused:

Anyway am at a loss here and I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:


Oh before I wiped it I was using Apache and now I am ‘trying/using’ nginx if this mean’s anything :slight_smile:


The domains you mentioned are working for me, and looks correct… it sounds like you were able to get that all working?


Hi. It looks like the original problem, if not yet fixed, was more of a webserver configuration matter.