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Hi, I recently setup Virtualmin for the first time. It went smoothly and it’s amazing software. What is the best practice for name servers? My configuration is VirtualMin running on a VM with a dedicated IP at admin.mydomain.tld

It is a requirement to setup (etc) as a glue record with the registrar(s) of my domains, right?

Do I need to be concerned that I now have a mix of different values for SOA records for various virtual servers? (e.g. one is admin.mydomain.tld. root.admin.mydomain.tld. 2023052023 3600 600 1209600 3600 but another is ns1.mydomain.tld. root.ns1.mydomain.tld. 2023052019 3600 600 1209600 3600)

I have updated the default template now to use ns1.mydomain.tld

Do I need to do anything special for the DNS config for mydomain.tld itself?

Lastly, if I’m only concerned with serving content (e.g. no email etc) if I just make A-records in the DNS hosted by the registrar am I really missing much?

Thank you!

OS type and version Debian Linux 11
Virtualmin version 7.7

If you running the DNS on virtualmin (no a requirement) you will need to register the nameserver(s) at your registrar so to do the glue.
docs has some info

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