Name Servers with Bind Webmin


I’m trying to run my own name server instead of using a third party… Now, here’s what I did so far:

Step 1) I’ve registered 2 name servers at my registar ( and ( using 2 IPs my VPS provider gave me.
Step 2) I will use one of my existing virtual servers to be name servers, so under my master zone, I created 2 NS entries: and

Am I doing ok so far? what would be next?


Sounds like you’re on the right track… there’s some documentation on setting up a nameserver here in the section “How do I setup nameservers for my server”:

I don’t know for the .ar zone, but for many TLDs you need to separate nameservers, which possibly also have to be in separate /24 subnets. So you’d have to use TWO of your existing servers as nameservers.

For ease of operation, it helps to have Webmin on the secondary NS, to make use of the Cluster DNS Slave feature: New master zones created on the primary get auto-created as slaves on the secondary.

Ok, so I have now the and registered at my registar, but can’t ping them at all, is there something I should be doing in Webmin to allow these and be discoverable?


Do those hostnames resolve to the correct IPs?

For us to be able to test and reproduce your problem, it’d help if you gave the actual hostnames/addresses instead of dummies.