'name already exists' when creating new mailing list for different domain

VirtualMin GPL 3.82.gpl, installed on an Ubuntu 10.4 server.
I’ve got two domains who like to use the mailing list team@example1.com and team@example2.com

First created team@example1.com with no problem.
Then when attempted to create team@example2.com, got the following error:
“Failed to create mailing list : A list with the same name already exists”

Is there any way to handle this issue?

Thanks in advance,
Baroch Oren

I think this is a Mailman thing… Mailing lists are identified by their name part before the @, which must be unique. The part after the @ is just the mail server where the list currently happens to be hosted, and which can change too.

You’d need to name your lists like “team-1@example1.com” and “team-2@example2.com”.

I have devised a solution to this problem. It is basically the way CPanel does the naming of mailing lists.

The way i’ve done it is:

email address: team@example1.com
mailing list name team_example1.com

email address: team@example2.com
mailing list name team_example2.com

For a solution please see: http://www.virtualmin.com/node/19942