MySQL users do not replicate from server A->B

I use Cloudmin Virtual Server Replication to make copies of Virtual servers to a standby server.

Am experiencing issues with the replication of MySQL Users.

The replication from server A ->B runs successfully (no errors), but on server B, when checking if the (WP) site works, I get “Error establishing a database connection” in the browser. It turns out that the MySQL user accessing the database is not present.

This behaviour is not consistent, as I have:

  • a) sites that worked straight away (both WP and Joomla). -> MySQL DB user <> Unix user
  • b) sites where it initially did not work. -> MySQL DB user = Unix user. After separating MySQL from Unix (i.e. create an addition DB user) it was fixed. (two WP sites)
  • c) One site where the fix as described in b) does not work.
Am at a loss where to look next.