MySQL users can see all DB's

Two parts to this question:

I have exhausted the online documentation dealing with this and cannot find a way to stop a DB user seeing all of the other DB’s when they login
I have set database permissions in webmin > servers > mysql > database permissions as per the online help. All db’s are still visible.

Also , FTP users can see all other virtual servers

Despite setting home directory permissions to prevent users from viewing other directories I can see all the directories when logged in as anyone.
webmin > proftp > files and directories > limit users etc…

$HOME is the latest thing I’ve tried there

Ideas welcome.

Is the user seeing all databases just for that Virtual Server, or all databases available in MySQL?

As far as FTP goes – you can limit them to their home directory by going into Limits and Validation -> FTP Directory Restrictions, and setting the “Restrict to directory” option.


Each user can see all databases set-up on the server when they login to their PhpMyadmin login.

The users logging into phpMyAdmin – were they created by Virtualmin when their Virtual Server was created?

Or were they created some other way, perhaps from within phpMyAdmin, using the command line, or otherwise?


Yes they were created by virtualmin when the virtual server was being created.

The only way this would happen (that I can think of) would be if phpMyAdmin is connecting as a root MySQL user.

This same thing is happening to me. One of the domains I created via Virtualmin GPL has worked fine (email is disabled) but when the domain user logs into mysql - he sees other domain databases as well!

No phpmyadmin installed.
Domain A user can log in to Domain A database using Domain A credentials and can see Domain B databases.

I’ve installed pma as well.
I see the same issue in pma. First it didn’t let anyone log in but root (others goes 1045 cannot log in to mysql server error until I deleted the Anonymous@any account)

And now that some others can login (based on host permissions), it shows other databases. I’m just a mediocre server admin, not a mysql admin so this is getting a little hard.

Some help please?