MySQL usernames are restricted to 16 characters

It appears that since the last update (2.101), MySQL/MariaDB users are being restricted to 16 chars by default. In earlier versions, this was present in /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config


Now, it no longer seems to be present. Re-adding that resolves the problem however.

I didn’t know that, I notice virtualmin will stop at 16 character automatically when creating say wordpress. Really this shouldn’t be a issue unless for some reason you want a custom name.

A custom name is often required in many cases, and this is a regression I believe.

Well its in the forum if anyone needs a larger name, seeing its default for MySQL/MariaDB I can’t see this being a fault of virtualmin. Maybe Joe or one of the other staff may respond.

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Have you read my original message? It was a default thing before, now it’s not. I’m just simply asking for it to be made default again.

This is misinterpretation. Webmin 2.101 upgrade has nothing to do with this issue. It must be something that happened along side with the upgrade?

Also, on which OS and version did this issue happen?

It’s a fresh installation. I saw that the parameter existed before from one of my older installs.

What OS and version did you use to install it on?

Debian 12, latest version as of yesterday.

I’d assume you didn’t go through Virtualmin post-install wizard!

Also, is this Debian 12 has MySQL or MariaDB installed?

I did go through the post install wizard, I always do. it has MariaDB installed.

Did you have any domains added to Virtualmin before doing post-install wizard?

No, nothing.

Just out of curiosity I did a search:

MySQL user names are up to 32 characters long. Operating system user names may have a different maximum length.


The MySQL user name length limit is hardcoded in MySQL servers and clients, and trying to circumvent it by modifying the definitions of the tables in the mysql database does not work.,have%20a%20different%20maximum%20length.&text=The%20MySQL%20user%20name%20length,mysql%20database%20does%20not%20work.

The MySQL limitations aren’t really relevant to this. All I’m asking for is this to be added to /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config:


We have a different method of detecting the length for MySQL/MariaDB username.

How did you install your Debian 12? Was it a cloud provider or you just download Debian 12 iso?

It was a vanilla install from a Debian 12 netinstall ISO. It’s the same way I’ve been installing Virtualmin for a long time now.

Great, can you share the exact link please?

I used this:

I ran tests with Debian 12 installed from the link you shared and clean Virtualmin GPL install, and I could not reproduce this issue. For me mysql_user_size was set to 128.

Did you make any virtual server restores that included Virtualmin configuration?