MySQL user permissions page - truncated usernames?

New install on CentOS 7, Webmin v1.940.

Just noticed in Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database Server -> Global Options, User Permissions, a Unix user account which is longer than 16 characters is truncated. It’s also truncated when you click through to modify the account’s permissions.

I’ve not checked against a database to see whether the permissions actually apply OK to the account when changes are made, however it looks like it may only be a visual bug, as altering permissions on the account via the form does appear to work.

Anybody else noticed this?

MySQL and Mariadb have a username length limit. It is 16 in older versions and 32 in newer versions. It’s not a bug, it’s intentionally truncated.

This caught me out - not used MariaDB before. Googling around the other day before asking, I got the impression <=80 chars was supported as of MariaDB 5.5.31 (this server is using 5.5.64);

(Pardon my ignorance here!)

I haven’t paid close attention to that limit. I think it’s probably fine to leave it at 16 for a while, until all the 16 limited versions have gone out of use, and then we can bump it to 32 (the least common denominator).

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