MySQL user in virtual server

When I create a new virtual server and tell it to create a MySQL database, what is the password for the user it creates in MySQL? I can see that it creates the database and user that are named the same as the server administrator. I can log into Webmin using the server administrate user and password that I set when creating the server. But when I try to access the MySQL server through webmin or through phpmyadmin, using the the same username and password it does not let me log in. I would assume the password for the MySQL user would be the same that I set for the server administrator. What am I missing?

Correction…I can access the MySQL Server through Webmin. But still not through phpmyadmin.

Likewise, trying to install Joomla to the virtual server. Can’t get past the db install because the password is rejected.

[Update] OK, finally figured out that a different password is generated when the database is generated. And you can find out what that password is through the database password change function while signed on as root. This isn’t very intuitive.

It should use the same password for the database as for the virtual server owner user when, during the first-run wizard, you instructed Virtualmin to store user passwords in clear-text. When it stores them only as hashes, it cannot use the same password for the database since it does not know the user password anymore. :slight_smile: