MySQL under Ubuntu 18.04 is unable to Export Data

We are having trouble with two different framework: one is LiveCode/RevIgnitore and Php/Code Igniter. after we migrated the domains to a new server using Ubuntu 18.04 and the latest Apache and MySQL

in the same 24 hours I have my two developers, one on London and one in India… tell me there are strange problems exporting database tables to their local machine. One is using is a desktop client to get to execute queries and send them out as compressed json to desktop client. The PHP CodeIgniter developer, the PHP developer, is just trying in PhPMyAdmin to export some tables to replicated the external database on XXAMP at his localhost.

so, I went in Webmin -> Servers --> MySQL --> #any database# --> Execute SQL

and enter a really simple query

select * from item

it should be instant… but WebMin “hangs” … So… we have the same behavior in PhPMyAdmin and our desktop client, library TSnet, throws an error message saying “Execution it taking too long. Closing connection.”

All of which points to a problem with MySQL … or “deep” in Ubuntu. Another symptom is in PhPMyAdmin, log in, go to a database; click on “export” ; choose a few tables; then “Go” (run the export). … I get a blank screen…

Now, the dbases/tables work in the webapps on the localhost, Lookups are “instant” even on a big Word Press database. the user “devhap” (which has permissions to most dbases) is getting through… take this page :

access the same “item” table…executes in milliseconds

It seems to be a problem with an “external” connection/app. My guess: both Webmin and PhPMyadmin are deemed “outsider the domain” as well as our desktop client…which logs in a user “devhap” with the correction password, but he still has trouble getting data “out” (all use standard port 3306)??

Any one have clues?