problem when switching from php4 to php5

when i switch from php-fastcgi 4 to 5, the is not loaded. I always have to comment it out by myself in the virtual-domain php.ini. Otherwise the Database connection does not work. Is this a Problem of virtualmin or did i a mistake in some config? Where does the standard php.ini for each domain come from? Is it copied over from etc/phpx/php.ini or something?

by the way can i make restrictions to the virtual domains php.ini for example not allowing persistent connections? :wink:

Hey Martin,

Sounds like the mysql package didn’t get installed for the other version. Probably a bug in our dependencies list.

You could just install it, and try it again…it’ll probably work fine. (I’m not sure what it’s called, as it depends on the OS and version.)

Yes, the php.ini comes from the relevant system-wide php.ini for that version (also depends on OS and version as to where that path is…certainly in /etc, though, and easy to track down).

Hey Jo
I made a mysql.ini with in it and put it to the /etc/php5/conf.d/ folder and then it worked.