MySQL Server Eating High Memory

I am using Virtualmin from a long time and everything was working fine but suddenly my CPU usage is going super high, sometime even high as 101%.

I can see MySQL server is eating lots of memory but dont know how this is happening.

If you think its due to MySQL, then try to stop the service. If the CPU usage goes back to normal, then yes it is due to the DB service.
If its really the SQL service, then try to disable database for database to see which one triggers that.
At some point, something has to make it do that much.
You can also check the log files.

That doesn’t look like all that much. RES is 240M, and there are a few processes, but much of it is shared across processes. You have plenty of free memory.

Is seems like MySQL is working pretty hard, though. You may want to give it more memory so it can cache more effectively. You could also use one of the various tools out there to figure out what MySQL is working on (e.g. enabling slow query logging, trying a query analyzer, etc.). I’d guess one or more of your apps is doing something pathological that works MySQL harder than it needs to.

But, that’s app layer stuff, which we don’t know much about…always specific to the app(s) you’re running.

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