MySQL Server Configuration creating error

I’ve filed a ticket for making Webmin’s MySQL module aware of this change, so it won’t make it so easy for users to break their configuration. MySQL 8 removes options · Issue #1561 · webmin/webmin · GitHub

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No Pre-install things. I wrote down the steps of what I did exactly.

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Yup that is why i did post the warning here! ( but to be honnest ofcourse i don’t know that part about webmin )

I was once strugling after update Mariadb , that the strict is default on in newer versions, therefore if do update for mainversion , but even other updates it takes more time but better read changelogs and understand them. Even then you could run into things not knowing how APP or plugin Developers programmed some, real live testing after updates of your apps is also important.
Using different versions of Database in restored (if backup is with other version) sometimes so… :frowning:

For users and or Server admins, look in your own config files before reading (BIG) changelogs for updates, that saves time to know the things your are using. And after updating or installed newer versions then before check log files also extra.

  1. I entered 16 MB in the Query cache size in bytes field and selected “Default”, 512MB in the Maximum packet size filed and selected “Default”, and 16 kB in the MyISAM sort buffer size field and selected “Default” 2. When I clicked on “Save and Restart my Sql” I got the error below

I asked in other thread if MySQL was working before you made those changes. Looking at your check configuration stats in said thread, it was indeed working as it says ‘MySQL up and running’. So if default install was working. Remove the entries you added!

The error message posted in this thread clearly states the query_cache_size as being invalid.


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