Mysql secure transport (SSL)

Dose any know if it is possible to configure a remote database connection using secure transport (SSL)?

Yes, it is possible.

Great! How? Virtualmin doesn’t have a UI option from what I could tell.

My understanding is that this is coming soon in an upcoming virtualmin/webmin release, but isn’t available just yet. Would love to know if that is off base.

Virtualmin > system Settings > Database Servers

It doesn’t have anything to do with Virtualmin. It’s configuration on the remote side (which might be running Webmin, but doesn’t have to be). The MySQL client will connect with TLS if the server supports/enforces it.

So, configure the server to use TLS and when you configure Virtualmin to use a remote database server, the connections will be encrypted.

I don’t think there is Webmin UI support for setting that yet, but it’s a one-time configuration, not something you do for every new domain or whatever. Takes two minutes, tops.

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