MySQL recover through .ibd files

Ubuntu v22.04
Virtualmin v6.17

Hi everyone, I’m new to this so please sorry about the explanation and also right now I’m in a very bad situation :frowning:

Recently I had an error with MySQL (MariaDB) database server. According to logs, it was an error regarding to some “AppArmor” thing, I tried to fix it but I ended up deleting the old server and reinstalling virtualmin from the start on Ubuntu 22.04 and the latest version of virtualmin.

I had a bunch of Wordpress websites on that server, I couldn’t export the databases through phpmyadmin because of the SQL server problem and I just went to /var/lib/ and copied all the /mysql dir to my local pc.

When I tried to replace the mysql folder to my new one, SQL server says it’s a problem with the ibdata1 file, it says corrupted and also it doesn’t recognise the databases on the phpmyadmin control panel because of some .frm files.

I didn’t had those files on my old server, all I had for each website was only the tables with .ibd file extension.

Now I’m searching through and seeing that every database by default automatically create these 3 files:

bd.opt file (I don’t have this)
.frm files (I don’t have these)
.ibd files (I have these)
ibdata1 file with I also have.

Is there any chance that I can recover the data and bring everything UP?


Sorry I can’t help but found this with google.

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@stefan1959 Thanks, I’ll try that rn.

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