Mysql on seperate host

Hey guys

i have a seperate mysql server from the main virtualmin server, is there anyway in the automated domain create page / mysql database setup that it can auto set it all up on the remote host instead of localhost? i changed it in the webmin mysql module config to use the remote host but it didnt seem to listen and still setup accounts on teh local mysql server and the database


You should be able to setup MySQL on a remote host using the instructions here:,running_mysql_on_a_remote_system/

If it continues to setup the MySQL accounts locally, that sounds like you’ll want to double-check that the setting for “MySQL host to connect to” in the “Module Config” has your correct remote host listed in it.


hmm aparently when i tried it a few days ago i was testing with an account that already existed on the local server and thats how i got confused :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley: