MySQL Module: Adding Databases on an external DB server

  • Virtualmin Version: Latest (updated just a little bit ago)
  • OS: RHEL4 (updated just a little bit ago, only "tzdata" update available at the time)

We have a basic 2-tier setup: Web Server / DB Server

Both run Virtualmin Pro.

I have everything (I believe) setup to point the Web Server to the DB Server as the MySQL DB Server. Accounts and databases are created.

The issue is when a new account is created, the MySQL user is created with "localhost" as the host the user is allowed to connect from.

I manually fix this my changing "localhost" to our "web server" and then the user will work just fine.

When that user creates a new database via Webmin, the system then creates a new user with "localhost" as the access host, instead of using the existing user.

Any thoughts as to what I may have wrong here, if anything?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hey Tim,

Sounds like a bug in the remote databases support, as I don’t see any way to set the host for the usernames.

I’ve just run into another similar MySQL bug myself (sub-server databases don’t seem to be getting a password when installing scripts), so I’ll file a bug on this issue, too. Since we’re sending Jamie into the MySQL module code, we might as well give a list of problems to fix while he’s there. :wink:

This is indeed a bug - in the next Virtualmin release, I will have it add the full hostname of the server running Virtualmin to the allowed hosts list for new users.

Many thanks…