MYSQL: Massive number of Binlog files

MYSQYL on webmin is creating massive number of binlog files. The binlogs are eating up my desk space by the hour with an average of 500 MB each hour. I have a wordpress website install with less than 700 pageviews a day.

I havent updated any of the content on the website for the past 3 weeks.

Any idea how can I control the number of binlog files created to set it up daily instead of every 10 minutes!

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Webmin version 1.999

MySQL is not “on Webmin”. Webmin provides a management UI for MySQL. The database is provided by your OS. In short, this is a MySQL question, not a Webmin question (even in Virtualmin, we do not alter the database configuration in any way that would impact this).

Googling turns up this seemingly reasonable discussion:

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@Joe Thank you much appreciated

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