MySQL Management with Vmin

I am trying to give one user access to one database through Vmin.

I assigned User Permissions to create the user and password and overall rights (CRUD). I then added the user to the one database with CRUD rights in Database Permissions.

But when I login to PHPMyAdmin, the user can see ALL the databases on the whole VPS.

What do I need to do additional or different?



Well, if possible, the simplest way to handle MySQL permissions is from within the Virtualmin area.

After logging into Virtualmin, if you go into Edit Databases, you can add/modify/delete the databases themselves.

If you go into Edit Mail and FTP users, and choose the user in question, you can give them access to any database within that Virtual Server.


I was under Webmin, Servers, MySQL Server, making it more complicated than it had to be.