mysql disk space

Hi, I’m new in virtualmin/webmin. Could anybody tell me please. Is mysql disk space part of the user quota? Like mysql+mail+ftp. Thanks.

Yeah, I believe they are by default. What it should do is set the group ownership of the database files to that of the Virtual Server owner… by doing that, the size of the database files are included in the total disk quotas.

You can check that by going into System Settings -> Server Config -> Default -> MySQL Database, and make sure that “Set group ownership of MySQL database files?” is set to “Yes”.


Are you tallking about Virtualmin GPL?

I’d imagine that option would be in Virtualmin GPL… are you saying you aren’t seeing it?


I found it :slight_smile: it’s checked. I’ll try it soon and let you know, thanks.

Thanks. It works. Difrent problem, no action on over quota.