MySQL Databases not displayed; MySQL working fine

A couple oddities with the MySQL webmin module and the Virtualmin mysql integration: The databases don’t appear!

In the webmin module, the index page says

"No MySQL databases were found on your system."

If I go into the "Database permissions" section, it lists all of the databases.

If I go into Virtualmin, the MySQL setup passes the configuration checker, but it doesn’t show any of the user’s databases, even though they were created and I can view them via a tool like phpMyAdmin.

Any idea what could cause this?


When you log into Virtualmin, you’ll see a select list on the top-left containing all the domains in Virtualmin. If you choose one that has a database associated with it, you should get an “Edit Databases” link listed just a few lines under the select list (immediately under “Edit Mail Aliases”).

Once you click that, do you see any databases listed there?

No. I see any postgres databases I have, but none of the mysql dbs.

You have more than one installation of MySQL, perhaps?

uhhhhhh not that I’m aware of?

Oh, wait. I see that you said, “If I go into the “Database permissions” section, it lists all of the databases.” Which is giving me maybe a vague notion that the MySQL module isn’t actually configured to login to MySQL as a “root” level user, or the database permissions aren’t granting that user access to all of those databases (probably the latter, now that I think about it). The Webmin module only displays databases the user is allowed to work with. Is phpMyAdmin logging in as the same user as the MySQL module in Webmin?

So, I’m guessing something wrong in the permissions. But I dunno. I’m, by no means, a MySQL expert.

i’ve been logging in as root

To throw in another oddity, I can view the databases of a user if I log into usermin.

If you log into Virtualmin, then click Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database -> Module Config, what user shows up as the "Administration Login"? That should be "root".

You might also want to verify that the root MySQL password in Virtualmin is correct (though, if it weren’t, I suspect you’d be seeing permission denied / incorrect password errors).

Yes, the user is root.

I can set the root mysql information in the webmin mysql module; where do I find it for Virtualmin (GPL) ?

I can set the root mysql information in the webmin mysql module; where do I find it for Virtualmin (GPL) ?

It’s all set in the Webmin MySQL module. There is no separate MySQL configuration for Virtualmin.

I’ve set it there. My databases don’t appear in the MySQL module either, even though I can edit databasee/user/host permissions and do assorted other things.

i am experiencing the same as well. i did a reset of the mysql root password. the list of database went missing after tat.

it only appears when i invoke mysqld_safe with the skip grant table.

Alright, well, with two of you running into this, it’s probably either a bug in the code, or a bug in the UI, so the report you filed is a good idea :slight_smile:

For anyone else running into this, there’s a bug report here:


I have just started experiencing this issue. The link to the bug report you provided doesn’t work anymore and I can’t find the issue in the tracker. Do you know where it has gone, or whether it was fixed?


Hmm, I don’t seem to be able to find that bug report either anymore (the bug tracker had changed a few years back, which threw off the links), and I haven’t heard of that issue again in the 4 years since it had been mentioned here :slight_smile:

Do you think you could open up a new forum thread, and describe some details about what you’re seeing, and when it started occurring?



will do thanks